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Oriental Vendor Co., Limited provides packing solutions to different industries around the world. Our packing equipment, including VFFS Packing Machines, Flow Wrappers, Doypack machines, Cup & Tray Sealer , Shrink Packing Machines, Carton Erector, Carton Sealer, Palletizer and Conveying equipment, etc., is high quality, reliable and manufactured to European standards. We also provide our clients with full after-sales service and support.

We also provide sourcing, inspection, consolidation and interpretation service in China. We will make sure your trip in China confortable, pleasant and efficient. Or even you can save your trip to China and let us to make sure your sourcing in China be successful.

With the skills, experience and ability to supply you a wide range of competitively priced high quality products we look forward to establishing a win-win relationship with our clients from all over the world.

Oriental Vendor Co., Limited will be your best business partner! Why not contact us now - we are sure you won't be disappointed!




 Why do you need automation?

Do you find it difficult to recruit staff and increase productivity? Do you find it difficult to maintain the same quality with labour work? Do you always worry about your staff's safety in some high risk procedure? Do you find the labour cost is going up all the time? Do you find it difficult to manage the workers?

It's time to automate your production now. You will find the find the following benefits straight away:-

dongwan  Increase your productivity with less workers

dw  Improve your product quality instantly

dw  Reduce your production cost greatly

dw  Reduce the product giveaway

dw  Ensure your worker's safety

Tour around our website, you will find many kinds of packing machine which can help to automate your production line.


What type of packing machine do you need?

Different types of packages need different solutions. Your product and how do you want to pack it decide which type of packing machine you need. Here are some common examples:-

dw2 Granular bulky product packs into pillow bag, gusset bag, 3-side & 4-side sealed bag, quad bag - You need Vertical Packing Machine. It is also known as Bagging Machine, Bagger, Vertical Form Filling and Sealing (VFFS) Machine. A typical complete Vertical Packing System normally includes a Vibrating Feeder, a conveyor (e.g. Bucket Elevator or Flighted Belt Conveyor etc.), a dosing equipment (e.g. Multi-head Weigher, Volumetric Cup Device etc.), a Working Platform, a Vertical Packing Machine, a Take-off Conveyor (or Exit Conveyor) and then to a Main Belt or a Lazy Susan (Rotary Table). 

dw2 Product in trays and packs into pillow bag - you will need a Horizontal Packing Machine. It is also known as Flow Wrapper, Pillow-type Packing Machine. For the product in trays, you normally feed them manually.

dw2 Regular shaped product into individual wraps - you will need a Horizontal Packing Machine. You may use an automatic feeding device or manually feed the product.

dw2 Powder product into stick pack, sachet, pillow bag, gusset bag etc. - You will need an Auger Filler and a Vertical Packing Machine. You may also need an Auger Conveyor to feed the Auger Filler.

dw2 Liquid or paste product into stick pack, sachet, pillow bag etc. - You will need a Liquid/Paste Filling Device and Vertical Packing Machine.

dw2 Solid product, powder, fluid or semi-fluid product into Pre-made Pouch, Doypack, Stand-up Pouch with or without Zip, with or without Spout - You will need a Linear Pouch Packing Machine or Rotary Pouch Packing Machine.

Have a look around our Machinery segment to find out more or contact us to find out what machine exactly you need to pack your product.




We also provide product soucing, inspection, consolidation service to make sure you feel relax at home without traveling out to China. We have sourced many kinds of products for our customers world wide.

Business Interpretation, itinerary planning and internal trip arrangement are also provided.If you decide to come to China, we will make your trip nice, confortable and efficient. We will asist you to build a successful business in China!


We never stop trying to keep our customer happy!



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