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Model OVW-12-1.6 OVW-12-2.5
Bucket Volume 1.6L 2.5L
Weight Range 10g - 1500g 10g-1500g
Accuracy 0.1g - 1.5g 0.1g-1.5g
Max Speed 100 wpm 100 wpm
Programs 99 99
Control HMI 7 inch / 10.4 inch touch screen 7 inch / 10.4 inch touch screen
Construction Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Waterproof Standard IP65 IP65
Multiple Languages yes yes
Drive system Stepper Motor Stepper Motor


Note: Product data are subject to change without notice. Always verify the latest information with us before purchase.



Optional List

  • Rotating Top cone

  • Load cell Top cone

  • Timing Hopper

  • Printer

  • Dimple surface – medium and large dimples available

  • Teflon Coating

  • Various Linear Vibrators available for difficult product



12 head weighers are widely used to weigh solid and granular product like dried fruit, nuts, seeds, crisps, nuts and bolts etc. Different bucket volume are suitable for weighing various products.For example, the 2.5L 12 head weigher are better for the bulky and light product than the 1.6L one.




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